MIRAMAR SPA Regulations

 – We ask that you remain silent and respect others who are enjoying the peaceful and restful nature of the SPA.

 – It is not permitted to wear every day footwear within the installations.

 – The use of appropriate swim wear is obligatory.

 – It is not permitted to enter the SPA installations with any type of food or drink.

 – For reasons of hygiene it is not permitted to enter the SPA installations with plaster of paris, bandages or any cuts to the body.

 – Smoking is prohibited.

 – No valuable items or jewellery should be taken into the SPA.

 – Anyone with a current medical condition, blood pressure or heart problems or who is pregnant should consult with the SPA or hotel staff regarding any treatments that may not be beneficial to their health.

 – For safety reasons, children under 16 years may not enter the SPA unaccomanied by an adult and even then access wil only be permitted between 1400 – 1500hrs.

 – Children under 16 years cannot use the fitness equipment or the sauna.

 – It is not permitted to take inflatables into any of the SPA installations.

 – It is not permitted to place any exterior chairs, sunbeds etc. into the interior of the SPA or vice versa.

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