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Are you looking for a hotel where you can relax and get rid of all the stress that you have been accumulating for so long? Are your body and your mind screaming for a break? At the Hotel Miramar we have just what you need. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday in our establishment located in the centre of Puerto de Pollença, a few meters from the beach. The beaches of this area are considered to be the best on the island, both for their fine sand and their crystal clear waters, which makes Puerto de Pollença an authentic paradise. It is also very close also to the Real Club Náutico, which offers visitors the possibility of enjoying a wide range of leisure activities.

Pero no solamente la zona es ideal para pasar unas vacaciones de relax, sino que nuestro establecimiento también lo eBut not only is the area ideal for a relaxing holiday, but so is our establishment, offering you the possibility to relax and let yourself be pampered a bit without leaving the hotel. We have a magnificent spa and fitness centre exclusively for Hotel Miramar guests, equipped with a sauna, gym, dressing rooms, Jacuzzi, power showers, relaxation room, small indoor pool, outdoor pool, personalized physiotherapy and massage service, and beauty treatments.

Spa treatments

There is nothing like a good swim and spa session to relax. In our establishment, besides making use of our magnificent pools with jets designed to relax different areas of the body, you can also have a peel, lymphatic drainage or a body reflexology massage. Words cannot describe how relaxed you will feel when you finish!

Body treatments

Let yourself be pampered a bit by our professionals and take advantage of your holidays to take care of your physical appearance and enjoy those treatments you do not always find time for in your day to day life. At the Hotel Miramar we offer beauty treatments of all kinds: facials, eyebrow tinting, manicures, pedicures, facial waxing, eyelash tinting, waxing, manicures and pedicures with gel, etc.

In addition, you can book a makeup session to make yourself look good before you have a night out and let yourself be advised by our experts so that you can also do it yourself at home any day, learning to make the most of your features to maximise your natural beauty.


Due to the poor postures we adopt while working and the bad habits of our daily lives, it is normal that our muscles suffer and that we feel discomfort or pain in certain areas of our bodies. During your stay at Hotel Miramar, you can take advantage of a back massage, an Indian head massage or even a full body massage. But we also offer facial massages especially designed to relax the muscles of this area, and which are very soothing.

This way, not only will you return home with renewed energy, but also you will sleep better at night, which will make you feel much more rested and better prepared to face your daily obligations. And there is nothing like a good massage to get rid of all the tensions and stress.


We also have alternative and completely natural treatments that will help you to completely disconnect and relax, including reiki sessions, energetic pindas massage, treatments with gold pearls of the Pacific, chakra balancing and essential oil treatment, Ayurvedic masala and orchids and semiprecious stones.

Special packs

You can combine all these sessions and treatments in one and enjoy several of them at the same time, thus getting a cheaper price. For example, you can combine the facial with a pedicure and a manicure, but also with just a manicure. Or treat yourself to a relaxing massage with semiprecious stones and then finish off with a manicure and pedicure session. Or simply take advantage of getting a manicure and pedicure to show off your perfect hands and feet during your summer holiday.

Fitness center

Whether you usually go to the gym or you want to take advantage of your holiday to get fit, at the Hotel Miramar we also have our own gym, exclusively for our clients. We have a large outdoor pool where you can cool off by doing some laps and later rest while sunbathing in a lounger. But we also have a machine room where you can find treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, weight machines, etc.

This is the ideal way to get rid of stress and at the same time take the opportunity to tone up your body or lose those extra pounds that you have wanted to get rid of for so long. By doing this, you can return home with a new figure! Furthermore, you must know that exercise also eliminates fat and toxins, so your skin will also look much healthier and brighter. And after a few sessions in the sun, you’ll also have a nice tan.

In short, the Miramar Hotel is much more than a place to spend the night. We offer our visitors spa and fitness services of the best quality, so you can get the relaxation you are looking for and get completely free of stress, and return home feeling completely new.

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