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Ornithologists & Birdwatching
The unique relief of Mallorca has blessed the island with a nature rich in different landscapes and unique ecosystems.
S'Albufera Natural Park

Distance: 8 Km from the Hotel.
The park is located beside Alcúdia Bay, between Muro and sa Pobla. It is the largest wetland of the Balearic Islands. Its origins probably date back to the interglacial period, around 100,000 years ago. In the 19th century, a British company built a complex network of canals almost managingto completely drain the area to convert it to agriculture. A few decades later the project was aborted and the land recovered its natural vegetation. The park has a small museum with information about the local birds and plants. In the reception centre you will find a leaflet with the different itineraries and you can hire binoculars for birdwatching. S’Albufera has a total area of 2,584 ha. that support a rich diversity of Balearic flora with over 400 listed species including the outstanding and rare robust orchid and the meadow orchid. S’Albufera is the only habitat of the latter in the Balearic Islands. Birds are the most important group of vertebrates in the park, which attracts a large number of ornithologists and photographers. Over 230 species have been listed, which constitute 80% of the bird species of the Balearics. The most representative species are the marsh harrier, imperial heron, black-winged stilt and Eleonora’s falcon. The most emblematic fish of the park is the eel. It enters s’Albufera as an elver. On the tenth winter it swims into the sea and travels to the Sargasso Sea in the middle of the Atlantic. It is a key ingredient in delicious dishes like “espinagada”.


Visiting hours are from 9 to 18 h from 1 April to 30 Septemberand 9-17 h from 1 October to 31 March. The visit is Free but requires a permit to be requested. Reception Centre (open from 9 to 16 h throughout the year, except on Christmas and New Year). Group tours require must request special permission to park in advance. Groups over 30 persons is prohibited. In the hotel, we will arrange everything you need to make your experience perfect.


ACCESS TO THE PARK IS ON FOOT OR BY BICYCLE by the Bridge English. You can park motor vehicles on the road nearby residential areas or in the parking empowered by that near the park entrance. People with mobility problems Park may apply special conditions of access.


• Respect the character and values that have made this
protected space. Not allow the harvesting of plants, flowers,
animals or their remains.
• Always drive on the roads indicated, at low speed with
bicycles and respecting the existing signage.
• No entry is allowed bikes more than two wheels.
• Respect the visiting hours.
• The noise disturbs the animals and other visitors. Circle silent.
• You can eat inside or picnic observatories in Park. In any case, use tables Sa Roca.
• They are not allowed in sport (jogging, doing
equestrian tours or mountain biking, etc..).
• Do not enter domestic animals (dogs especially).
• In case of non-compliance, the park staff may revoke the permit to visit.

How to go: Taxi (20 euros aprox.) or public bus.

s'Albufera Natural Reserve

It is located between Port de Pollença and Alcúdia. It is a marsh adjacent to the sea that is fed by four streams. It is a perfect example of habitat and species diversity, especially birds. Its exceptional value lies in that it provides a nesting ground for the purple swamphen, black-winged stilt, yellow wagtail and moustached warbler. Most of the park is privately owned. You can walk along the limits of the protected area by following the road by the sea. It is an ideal itinerary to explore on your bicycle.

How to go: walking

Ornithological Tourism Center La Gola

1Km from the Hotel. La Gola, located in the heart of Puerto Pollensa (Majorca), is a small wetland where the Síller and Gommar torrents merge and end in the sea. Seawater also flows into the area, giving the water a brackish quality. La Gola is presently a green zone, which after passing through various phases, was restored during 2007 and 2008 thanks to a project carried out by the Conselleria de Medi Ambient of the Balearic Government, the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente of the Spanish Government and the Town Hall of Pollensa with an investment of 746.598,38 €. The wetland and its surroundings were restored and equipped as an urban park. Later on in 2010 the first Ornithological Tourism Centre (OTC) of the Balearic Islands was inaugurated.

How to go: walking

Vall de Boquer

A 1 Km del Hotel

Cómo llegar: a pie


A 7 Km del Hotel

Cómo llegar: Taxi(aprox 20 euros) o bus público

Bahia de Pollensa

A 2 Km del Hotel

Cómo llegar: a pie

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